Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Discover our CSR project

CSR project: for a thoughtful and committed company, sharing the values of respect, performance and responsibility

Each gesture, each action, each change can have an impact on our future.


This is why we are building our Become CSR project step by step, following the ISO 26000 standard, a guarantee of the quality of our CSR approach!


Our volunteer ambassadors in each of our agencies actively participate in the development of our CSR.

The environment: a fully-fledged pillar of CSR

Objective: zero carbon footprint!

Our ambition is to have a zero-carbon footprint for travel between our branches by 2025. Whether by bicycle (mechanical or hydrogen) or by hydrogen car. The aim is to offer a viable alternative for soft and respectful mobility.

Invisible actions for a strong impact

At Lojelis, we have undertaken to carry out a carbon assessment of our activities in order to measure the existing situation and to implement concrete actions within the company.


Our CSR ambassadors regularly reflect on all the small actions that we can put in place in order to progress. For example, one area of work is to raise awareness among our employees, in particular by organising an climate fresco.

Putting people at the heart of our concerns

To improve the quality of life at work for our employees

Both internally and externally, we attach particular importance to human relations. We are developing many ways to facilitate communication, information sharing and exchanges between all stakeholders.


We are committed to promoting the development and fulfilment of our employees by offering a diverse working environment through awareness-raising (harassment, sexism, racism, equal pay, disability, recruitment, etc.)

Éditeurs Lojelis

Training to meet needs

Training is one of the key points of our CSR. Indeed, the development of employees and their skills are taken into account. Each employee can request an increase in skills in his or her field and develop his or her knowledge.

Healthy and constructive economic development

Strong local and social involvement

We invest in and create strong partnerships with numerous companies and associations, to create a strong and sustainable local and national economic fabric. On the other hand, we are committed to creating qualified French partnerships to develop innovative solutions and meet the challenges of tomorrow. And finally, we wish to export French know-how internationally, through our presence in the United States.

An ethical and respectful approach

In all Lojelis relationships, whether internal or external, with employees or customers, exchange is always at the centre of our concerns. The objective is to create a virtuous circle with a system of intrinsic values to improve human relations, satisfy the client and transmit our positive approach to the organisation.