A development project specially designed for you

With a team of experts with different specialities and profiles, our development team supports you in the process of digitalising and optimising your activities through the development of business, mobile and web applications and embedded computing.

Digitalise your business with an application

Depending on your project, we take the time to assess your needs and respond with one or more solutions. Improving your internal processes can involve creating dedicated software, a specific business application or a mobile application to simplify certain processes.

We have developed an accurate in-house analysis methodology, based on our years of experience and in close collaboration with all project stakeholders.
1. Audit and diagnosis

A personalised methodological approach, focused exclusively on your problematic, to build a precise inventory of your structure.

2. Consulting

For a successful technological transformation, we build a strategy that meets your objectives through new digital tools and intelligent transformation levers.

3. Design and implementation

We work with you to define the objectives and implementation steps to design your digital architecture and the functional specifications to meet your innovation needs.

4. Integration

We integrate your digital solution into your ecosystem and ensure the smooth running of your digital project.

5. Third-party application maintenance (TMA)

We also provide patches and major updates to your application to ensure smooth and trouble-free use.

In order to carry out your company’s digitalization project, we surround ourselves with collaborators who have a mastery of computer languages and specific digital tools useful for the development of your digital solutions.

Our mastery of the main computer languages necessary for the creation and implementation of your business applications, your mobile applications and your software enables us to offer you solutions at the cutting edge of technology to respond to the various changes in your market.

Collaborateur développement

Development of innovative and intelligent embedded systems

Système embarqué lojelis

Combining electronics and IT, our consultants work on safe and secure embedded software for your specific needs.

Aeronautics, transport, industry, defence or space, we work in a variety of sectors to bring you innovation and the expertise of our staff.

In accordance with the V-cycle method, we carry out all stages of the project life cycle from design to validation and implementation. At each stage, we offer you in-depth knowledge of proprietary techniques, complete mastery of open and interoperable technologies, and ease of deployment on heterogeneous platforms.

Our centres of expertise

Simulation and Virtual Reality

Embedded Systems

Technical IS

Security and dependability

Software Qualification

Open Source Software

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Development of an innovative digital solution for material fleet management

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