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Our specialist consultants to meet your needs!

Historically, our consultants are specialists in Oracle (E-business suite, Fusion ERP Cloud and NetSuite), SAP and Cegid XRP Ultimate (ex Qualiac) solutions. We also have DATA/BI/ETL expertise, with a mastery of Microsoft Business Intelligence tools, SAP Business Objects and Talend. In addition, we are also strengthening our skills in Digital and AMOA (Assistance à Maîtrise d’OuvrAge), to develop specific programmes that do not exist “off the shelf” but are necessary for your business, and to carry out the change management that is essential for your projects.


In addition, the Lyon and Aix-en-Provence branches can mobilise all the skills of the group’s branches for the benefit of clients in the region via our shared service centres. In addition, most of our projects involve teams present throughout France.


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A variety of technical and business skills
for a variety of assignments

More and more companies are outsourcing the management of their information systems. Therefore we have several TMA missions, both to ensure that the software works properly and is regularly updated, and to correct any errors identified by our clients.


In addition, we work with a variety of companies, from biopharmaceutical companies to companies that design and produce semiconductor materials, and even shipping companies.

Our knowledge of the Oracle E-business Suite software allows us to quickly assess our client’s needs. To integrate new functionalities, or to implement an entire ERP, our service takes the time to evaluate your needs and understand your challenges. In addition, we have worked with a large international toy manufacturer, where we implemented an entire ERP system. We had to consider many aspects such as the different languages and currencies of the company, but also to take into account the legal and administrative obligations of each country.

Our data scientists aim to collect, analyse and exploit all the data that the company can collect. This data can come from customers, prospects or employees. They are responsible for translating the analysis of this data into dashboards that will be useful for decision-making and improving the company’s performance. We work closely with a high-end vehicle manufacturing company to collect, analyse and use the data that is useful to the business on a daily basis.

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