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Presenting data is their job

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Today, the BI consultant has become indispensable for large companies

The job of the BI consultant is to retrieve a large volume of data and transmit it to the decision-making centres. They intervene between the data storage project and the query tool. They design the reports and are responsible for configuring the software used to retrieve information.


The Business Intelligence consultant works mainly in large companies that have a very large volume of data to manage.

Their work is based on 5 major axes:

Data extraction

The Business Intelligence consultant must be able to extract the information they need to create and update the reports they submit to management. In addition, they must also be able to locate the source of the information to speed up the extraction process. This work can be done in a team, with a data miner for example.

Data analysis

The Business Intelligence expert will analyse a large amount of data before putting it into a report that can be given to management. They will either enrich a pre-existing data model or create a new one. To do this, They need to know the functional and technical requirements of the project, in order to adapt the data architecture and make it robust and efficient.


Once the data has been extracted and analysed, it must be made understandable to decision-makers. Thanks to a coherent presentation of the data, the report will make sense and impact the development of the company.

Training and support

The BI consultant will train the staff of the department concerned in the use of the tools put in place. In this way, BI will become a major asset for the company.


In particular cases, the Business Intelligence consultant can intervene in a company for specific missions. Indeed, to meet a specific need for evolution or improvement, the consultant may occasionally participate in a project.

The skills and qualities of a BI consultant

Knowledge of system architecture, development methodologies, CRM, ERP and databases are all part of the general IT foundation that is essential for a BI consultant. Understanding the company’s environment, activities, needs and constraints are the very essence of the consultant.


Next, mastery of business intelligence tools and software is essential. SAP, Sybase, Oracle, Datastage, Informatica, Microsoft, Performance Point, Business Objects, Cognos, Hyperion and SQL are the foundations of this profession.


Autonomous, self-confident and convincing, the Business Intelligence consultant must defend, support and reassure decision-makers in their approval of the solutions provided. The consultant is highly adaptable and must be able to react to unforeseen circumstances that arise during the project. Adapting to their environment, bringing users together to use the new tools and gaining the confidence of their contacts are all recognised interpersonal qualities in BI consultants.

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