Because we share their values and determination, we are proud to support them with our patronage!

As a French company, we support, through sponsorship or partnership, all the projects in which we believe!


Whether it is in sport, culture, education or an environmental commitment, it is a commitment in its own right and a way of sharing unique moments with the various partner entities and giving life to many ambitious, useful and responsible projects.

Supporting culture

As a partner of the Comédie de Clermont since 2010, we have subsequently supported the Chœur d’Auvergne and the Europavox festival.


We can only share the values transmitted by these associations and foundations, and support them!

Sharing the values of sport

Team spirit par excellence

In addition to a passion for the territory, Rugby is a sport that resonates with us, thanks to the values that this sport carries: determination, team and commitment. We have been partners of the ASM since 2019, and we are proud to share common values:

  • Teamwork
  • Perseverance
  • Respect

On the other hand, sport is a vector of fundamental values, which we feel are important to pass on to the young. By supporting Royat Football Club, a sports club in Auvergne that trains the next generation of footballers, we want them to become aware of the impact of their image, their work and their attitude on others.


We want them to wear our colours with pride and respect.

Supporting education

Supporting and promoting education!

By supporting Sigma and ESTIA, we want to promote the world of digital technology and innovation to the new generation and offer new perspectives to engineering students.


Lojelis has joined the SIGMA Foundation (school of the INP Group) and the ESTIA Foundation in order to be involved in the development of a future-oriented education and to promote digital innovation.