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Experts at your service at Lojelis Lille Amiens

To meet the needs of our current and future clients, we make sure we have the appropriate resources in-house. Indeed, each company is different and so is the expression of its needs.


We make it a point of honour to meet your needs with a tailor-made service.


Our consultants, experts in their fields, will develop, implement and train you to use your new solution!

consultante ux-ui
UX/UI Consultant

Rethinks systems, services, applications and websites. They promote innovation and deliver the best possible customer experience.

consultante AMOA
AMOA Consultant

They identify the needs, manage the project(s), and monitors and controls the quality of the solution during its implementation.

Analyste développeur
Analyst Developer

Analyses, programs and writes technical documentation for computer applications and provides assistance to users of the solution.


Checks the performance of the software and carries out the preparation and analysis work to pass on any anomalies detected to the developers.

scrum master
Scrum Master

They organise the Agile ceremony, monitors the smooth running of the project and accompanies each of the collaborators in carrying out their mission.

Product Owner
Product Owner

They define and conceptualise the solution using the Agile method. They can thus represent the business needs and make the link with the technical part of the project.

Chef de projet
Project Manager

They analyse and understand the client's needs, advise on a technical solution, designs and writes the technical specifications and monitors the project from implementation to delivery.

Consultante ERP
ERP Consultant

They can advise the client in the choice of his ERP, implement and maintain it. They will help the company to organise, manage and improve its business processes thanks to this software base, which unifies information by making it available to those who need it.

Come and discover our different services!

A tailor-made and unique service for each of our clients

Business sector: regional company specialising in retail.


Achievement: Implementation and maintenance of a PIM (Product Information Management) solution that collects and centralises all data relating to the promotion and sale of the company’s products.

Business sector: national company specialising in retail


Achievement: development and maintenance of a logistics management application in order to control all the flows generated by the products. From the validation of purchases to final delivery, via procurement, production and distribution.

Business sector: national company specialising in retail


Achievement: redesign of a product logistics application. Analysis of the existing technical debt and definition of the new architecture required. Run of the existing system and migration to the new platform.

Business sector: national company specialising in retail


Achievment: implementation, identification and analysis of new functionalities on the company’s e-commerce platform. Identify the gaps in functionality with the expected ones to ensure optimal functioning and validate its functioning for a good use of the platform.

Business sector: national company specialising in retail


Achievement: advice, analysis and recommendations for the creation of a service platform to develop new sales channels in a circular economy perspective.

Business sector: national company specialising in finance


Achievement: maintenance of the ERP Finance in place in the company and integration of evolutionary maintenance to obtain new functionalities of the ERP.

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