Consultant ERP

Informing and advising companies
in the choice of an ERP

More than just an advisor, the ERP consultant guides companies

The ERP consultant works in close collaboration with the client to offer them a tailor-made integrated management software solution that meets their direct needs. In order to carry out a proper diagnosis and audit of the client, they will rely on the current management resources, on the drafting of the company’s specifications and propose the best solution to resolve the problem(s) encountered by the client.


The ERP consultant has solid technical knowledge to propose, install, test the solution and train the personnel to this new tool. As a general rule, they are specialised in a defined sector of activity such as, for example, insurance, banking, mass distribution or industry.

The main tasks are:

  • Redesigning the company’s ERP processes
  • The drafting of functional specifications and the parameterisation file & implementation of the ERP parameterisation
  • The repair of tests to validate the parameterizations
  • The realization and validation of the receipts
  • Drafting of specifications in collaboration with the project owner
  • Rereading of the parameterisation file
  • Preparing test schedules
  • Carrying out the tests and ensuring follow-up
  • Validating the Minutes (PV), once all the corrections have been made and the tests have been successful

The essential qualities of an ERP consultant

Methodical, the ERP consultant must be organised and methodical during the configuration and testing phases of the new solution. Indeed, these phases are extremely important and require a real work logic to record all the essential elements of the project.


Technically, the consultant must have in-depth knowledge of the software in order to test its reliability or capacity. But above all, thanks to his experience, they have the reflex to find each origin of the problem and to solve it in the company’s information system.


Communicator, the ERP consultant must be able to express their solutions either orally, by making presentations, or in writing, by drafting the specifications. They know how to adapt to their interlocutor and avoid using professional jargon in order to make themselves accessible to their client.


But that’s not all, many other qualities are appreciated for this job profile:

  • Great capacity for analysis and synthesis
  • Sense of rigour
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Ease of dialogue
  • Diplomacy and persuasiveness
  • Autonomy

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