The specialist in statistics,
IT and marketing

Collaborateur développement

Their job: to make Big Data talk

Their main role is to collect, process and analyse large amounts of data, also known as Big Data, to improve the company’s performance. Whether it’s customer, prospect or employee data, the data scientist locates this data via different channels in the information system.


They then develop algorithms to create predictive models and decision-making tools.


With a more global vision of the company, the data scientist translates the company’s problems into mathematical and statistical equations. Therefore, they work closely with the marketing, sales or financial departments.

The job of data analyst is a recent one, and as a result, it is being developed in many areas.


Their missions are therefore diversified:

  • They identify useful analysis tools to respond to the company’s problems
  • They define the data storage solutions in the information system
  • They collect and analyses the entity’s relevant data
  • Builds algorithms to improve search and targeting results for users
  • Develops predictive models to anticipate changes in data and trends
  • They create adapted dashboards to make the results readable and exploitable by all the company’s business lines and decision-makers
  • Carries out technological monitoring independently (data collection, processing platforms, experimentation)

Both a mathematician and IT specialist

To carry out their projects successfully, Data Scientists must:

  • Use different programming languages such as Python and R
  • Master artificial intelligence techniques such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and text analysis
  • Know how to interact with data warehousing tools such as Data Warehouse and Data Lakes. And in the age of the cloud, mastering AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud platforms is highly appreciated
  • Create programs to automate the most repetitive tasks

In addition to the technical aspect, which is very important, interpersonal skills are required. Indeed, the Data Scientist must be a good communicator to create coherent tools, listen to the client and defend their ideas to the company’s decision-makers. It is important for the consultant to be able to explain their work in layman’s terms to express ideas clearly and to adapt their speech to the target audience.

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